Dental Emergencies
Dental emergencies can occur at any time, and can be caused by both minor and major incidents. Any issue you have that involves your teeth, gums, or other parts of your mouth should be treated by a dentist as fast as possible to avoid long term damage.
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Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening can be a cost effective method to brighten your smile. People often associate a new level of confidence with a whiter smile, with the teeth appearing cleaner and more attractive after teeth whitening.
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Not only do we strive to provide top quality dental treatment, we endeavour to provide the best patient care. The focus in on you, not on us.
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At First Dental Studio, we put your dental wellbeing first. The mindset behind the name of our dental practice is not to say that we are the number 1 dental practice in Brisbane, but rather to say that we put our patients in the top spot.
Dental Extractions
Dental extractions refer to the removal of a tooth from your jaw bone. This removal may occur for a number of reasons. Usually it is to remove teeth that can no longer be restored because of tooth decay, periodontal disease or even significant dental trauma.
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White Fillings
At First Dental Studio, we are a mercury-free practice. Our Brisbane dentists do not use dental amalgam filling materials when performing tooth restoration on our patients.
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Clenching & Grinding
Clenching & Grinding of the teeth often happens during sleep, but some people are also affected by this while they are going through their day as well.
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Sleep Apnoea
Sometimes a person’s snoring is discussed comically, however, it is a sign of a more serious condition and can affect you as well as others. Sleep Apnoea is defined as pauses in breathing or instances of shallow and infrequent breathing during sleep.
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