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Dental Extractions

At First Dental Studio, our Brisbane CBD dentists always seek to help our patients preserve their natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are times when it is better for your overall oral health to have a tooth removed. A dental extraction could be the first step to alleviating pain or infection before you reach the road to recovery.

 What to Expect

During your procedure, we will carefully numb the area around the tooth to minimise any discomfort. After the tooth has been removed, we may or may not need to place a few stitches in the area. We will provide you with a few instructions to follow to ensure that your mouth heals nicely.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

The third and final set of molars that a person develops are usually referred to as the wisdom teeth. Sometimes, these teeth do not have adequate room to erupt properly. As such, it’s not uncommon to experience complications such as

  • Teeth that are impacted or partially impacted
  • Pressure against neighbouring teeth, causing crowding
  • Difficulty cleaning the area
  • Subsequent infections or decay in the wisdom tooth or neighbouring tooth

Brisbane CBD dental extractions

First Dental Studio can ease your discomfort with simple and painless extractions

Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed? Our dentists will use a panoramic X-ray to assess their stage of development and location to determine if the rest of your smile may be at risk. During your consultation, we can discuss whether a third molar extraction is appropriate.

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