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Root Canal Treatment in Brisbane CBD

An abscessed tooth or a severe toothache is often a sign that something is wrong with the nerve inside of your tooth. As such, a root canal is often necessary. At First Dental Studio, we assist our Brisbane CBD families with gentle and comprehensive endodontic treatments right here in our office.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

Endodontic therapy is often thought of as the last line of defence when preserving a natural tooth. We recommend root canals when a filling or crown alone cannot protect or restore your bite.

Once an infection has seeped into the nerve, the pulp tissues must be cleaned out, and the nerve canal sealed off. Otherwise, infection can spread into the body or to neighbouring teeth.

Our Promise to You

We focus on performing your treatment efficiently. Our advanced rotary endodontic instruments help to reduce your time in the chair.

Does It Hurt?

Getting a root canal does not have to be painful. We take close steps to ensure the area around the tooth is numbed. In some circumstances, we may also prescribe an antibiotic to alleviate any residual infection before we begin treatment.

During the visit, we will use a small prop for you to rest your teeth on so that your jaw does not become tired from keeping your mouth open.

After most root canals, the tooth will also need a crown placed over it to prevent the non-vital tooth from wearing or chipping away. First Dental Studio offers beautiful white crown options for such cases.

If you’re experiencing heightened tooth sensitivity or pain when chewing, exposed to heat or see a large hole in the tooth, contact us immediately to schedule an exam.

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