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Brisbane CBD Dental Implants

With dental implants, Brisbane CBD families can enjoy one of the highest quality tooth replacements available. At First Dental Studio we work closely with local specialists to provide this advanced method of smile rehabilitation to our patients. We offer a free cosmetic consultation to help you understand your options.

What Are Implants?

An implant is an artificial tooth that is anchored into the bone next to your other teeth. Your body accepts this material and forms new bone around it, firmly securing it into your mouth. Once this process of osseointegration has occurred, we can place a fixed restoration (such as a crown or bridge) on top of it for a permanent tooth replacement option.

Your Implant Process

The first step of becoming a dental implant patient is scheduling a consultation at First Dental Studio. Our dentists will assess your overall oral health, anatomy, and bone quality to determine if implants are right for you.

Once you decide to move forward with getting implants, we will arrange for a local specialist to complete the surgery. About three months later, we will remove your temporary prosthesis and place the permanent one. With this process, you never have to go about your day with a missing tooth.

Caring for your new teeth is just as easy as caring for natural ones. Just floss and brush them regularly and schedule routine preventative care visits with our Brisbane CBD dentists. Studies show that 98% of implants last for the life of the patient!

brisbane dental implants

First Dental can advise if dental implants are right for you

free cosmetic consultation

To find out more about your tooth replacement options or to book a free cosmetic consultation, contact First Dental Studio.


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