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Referred for Clear Aligner Treatment? Here's What to Expect

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We all want to present our best smile when meeting people; achieving straighter teeth is a big part of that goal. As a result, the interest in teeth straightening has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. There are many options and brand choices on the market for doing so, from traditional braces to invisible aligners.

When it comes to aligners, our highly skilled dental team often receives referrals from two aligner companies, Bitesoft Co. and Dr Clear Aligners, to prepare potential patients for their treatment.

Bitesoft, as a direct-to-patient aligner company, refers patients to our practice to conduct a thorough orthodontic assessment, where we form a dental opinion regarding whether you’ll be an appropriate fit for an aligner treatment and conduct a check and clean.

With the Dr Clear Aligners company, we do procedures to help them carry out their patients’ treatment plans. They send the patient to us for trimming interproximal spaces and the attachments. We still recommend you visit us for a check and clean beforehand, but it’s not an official part of the relationship between our practice and Dr Clear Aligners.

We can usually see any aligner referral within a week’s time, and the appointments can take about 45 minutes.

What to Expect As a Referral Patient

For a Bitesoft referral, we conduct a full check-up and clean to ensure you’re healthy enough to proceed. We provide a digital scan of the mouth, as well as photos of your teeth and X-rays for Bitesoft to analyse. We give opinions on whether you’re a likely candidate for the treatment or if additional work is necessary.

These consults are important because if a patient is only coming in because they have one or two teeth that need to be straightened, but they have a significant amount of base-level dental issues to take care of beforehand, it’s crucial they are armed with that information and how it will affect their financial obligations.

Following our check, clean and assessment, the rest of the treatment plan is in the hands of Bitesoft. If it’s decided you need attachments placed or spacers, you may have to return to our office for related procedures. As mentioned, we also have referrals from Dr Clear Aligners for the same procedures.

Afterward, the aligner company fully controls your treatment plan, and we do not have any other role in your care.

Our Skilled Dental Team Members Are Here for You

If you decide to move forward with any direct-to-patient aligner brand, make sure you understand what you’ll be responsible for before committing.

Though these alignment brands exist and allow patients to control every aspect of the treatment, from impressions onward, it’s always best to invest in an opinion from a respected dental professional, whether the aligner company refers you to us or not. There can be many errors made by a patient during the impression procedure of the treatment plan alone, setting them up for problems or more expense down the line.

We Want to Be Part of Your Smile Team

If you aren’t a current patient during your Bitesoft or Dr Clear Aligner referral, we’re always happy to welcome you back for regular dental care. Likewise, if you need cosmetic restorations done after your aligner treatment or are interested in exploring different retainer options for orthodontic care, we can provide that for you following your straightening treatment.

And, even if we find you aren’t a good fit for clear aligner treatment, we can guide you to other options for helping create a smile you can be proud to show off.

Contact First Dental Studio today with any questions you might have about the Bitesoft or Dr Clear Aligner process or to schedule your next check and clean!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as a Specialist Oral Surgeon.

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