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Veneers in Brisbane CBD

Veneers Brisbane CBDDiscover First Dental Studio’s Stunning Solutions

Have you always dreamed of having a more beautiful and confident smile? If you have teeth which are misshapen, discoloured, uneven, damaged, or contain gaps, then veneers may be the perfect solution for you! Veneers act as thin shells which are bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth to give them a stunning smile within a short time frame.

At First Dental Studio, our highly experienced team of dentists are proud to offer not one, but three market-leading types of veneers. These include both the porcelain and composite varieties, as well as one of the most recent advancements within this field, Uveneer.

What is Uveneer and How Are They Used?

Uveneer is a distinctive type of template system used for fabricating composite veneers and mock-ups. It was invented by Dr Sigal Jacobson, an oral health care professional with more than 20 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry. Uveneer was launched in both Australia and the United States in 2014, before making its way to dental practices around the globe. Thousands of dental clinics worldwide are now using the Uveneer system and experiencing superior results.

Uveneer can be used for:

  • The application of all composite veneers (including on one or multiple teeth)
  • The fabrication of temporary veneers between appointments while porcelain veneers are being created in the lab
  • The creation of direct chairside mock-ups prior to performing the procedure, so the patient can see how their results will look

With Uveneer, our dentists utilise their own composite and can incorporate layering techniques into the process. Not only are the results exceptional in final tooth shape and smile design, but Uveneer also crafts composite veneers that have a contour and sheen just like natural teeth.

Along with Uveneer, our professional dental team also provide porcelain veneers. Similarly, porcelain veneers are custom-fitted to enhance the appearance of your smile, plus they contain the added advantage of being able to offer protection to your damaged teeth.
Additionally, porcelain veneers offer the following benefits:

  • Minimal tooth enamel is removed
  • They blend-in seamlessly with your other teeth
  • They are durable and highly stain-resistant
  • They can last for a long period of time if cared for properly
  • The procedure is comfortable with minimal discomfort
  • They provide a more affordable alternative to crowns

At First Dental Studio, we also offer composite veneers to ensure the individual needs of every patient are met. Our wide variety of veneers, including those made using composite, porcelain, or the Uveneer system, allows us to provide each different smile with superior results.

Composite veneers are quite similar to porcelain veneers, with the main difference being the material used. Although our composite is still of an extremely high quality (using only safe and trusted materials), composite veneers offer a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, making them a popular choice among many patients.

These same-day dental veneers work well for our patients who have one or two specific teeth that require cosmetic intervention. Since the material can be crafted directly onto the tooth instead of in a lab, fewer steps are required.


Dental Veneers FAQ

How many dental veneers do I need?

Generally, we recommend placing enough dental veneers to span the width of your smile. For most people, that’s anywhere between 6-10 veneers on average. It’s relatively uncommon to place them on the lower front teeth, simply due to the way your teeth bite together.

How much do dental veneers cost?

The cost of veneers depends on how many veneers you need and which veneer design you select. Porcelain cosmetic veneers will cost more than a chairside composite veneer does.

How should I care for my new dental veneers?

Plan to brush and floss around your veneers daily. It’s crucial to prevent decay in the supporting teeth. We also recommend sleeping in a night guard, to prevent unnecessary chipping or fractured porcelain if you occasionally clench your teeth.

Are there requirements for getting cosmetic veneers?

Yes. Teeth should be healthy and unaffected by gum disease or decay. Although veneers can mask minor chips in enamel, a severely damaged tooth may not qualify.

Should I get veneers or crowns?

Dental veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of healthy teeth. On the other hand, crowns cover and protect damaged, structurally-compromised teeth. One is for cosmetic purposes while the other serves a restorative purpose.

How long do dental veneers last?

Properly maintained veneers can last for several years. It’s typical to update these cosmetic restorations about once a decade, depending on the individual and their home care habits.

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